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Flexible Quantity Discounts

Based on total order value. Mix it up to your heart's content. Discounts start at order value $200+.
  • Orders $200 to $299.99 = 15% Discount
  • Orders $300 to $399.99 = 20% Discount
  • Orders $400 to $499.99 = 25% Discount
  • Orders $500 to $799.99 = 30% Discount
  • Orders $800 to $1,499.99 = 35% Discount
  • Orders $1,500 to $2,499.99 = 40% Discount
  • Orders $2,500+ = 45% Discount
No coupon code required! Discounts added at checkout for qualifying orders.
Quantity discounts do not apply to:
  • Special "Bulk Print" products (already discounted up to 70%)
  • Custom Framing
  • Wrap Mount Service
  • Mounting Service Charge ($6 per mounted print)
Get an instant price quote for your desired prints/options that includes quantity discounts.

Bulk Poster/Art Prints - up to 70% Off Retail

Requires 25+ of the same print. See sizes & options available for bulk prints below.
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(custom sizes not available @ bulk rates)
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50+ /each
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150+ /each
Please note: Discounts, coupons and sales advertised elsewhere on our website do NOT apply to bulk printing, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Inkjet quality and vibrance at offset prices!

Pricing is especially aggressive on quantities of 25-50 prints. Requires a minimum of 25 prints of the same image, options and size.

Don't need 25? Get a short run price quote here instead.

Bulk Printing Paper Options

Economy Poster Paper
Excellent for temporary indoor signs and banners. Not recommended for photographs as the color matching and vibrance are not as precise as photo papers.
Gloss Photo Paper
Thick (235 g/sm), premium grade, real photo paper with a gloss finish. Excellent quality and color accuracy/vibrance.
Satin Photo Paper
Thick (235 g/sm), premium grade, real photo paper with a satin finish. Excellent quality and color accuracy/vibrance. Our most popular photo paper!

Margins & Borderless

Our bulk printing offerings default to printing with a 1/4" white border around your image. The final sheet is your selected print size, and your image is "shrunk" to fit the 1/4" margin. You can upgrade to borderless for a small fee on our photo papers. Economy poster paper cannot be printed borderless.

Custom Price Quotes

Need a different paper, size, or finishing option than the ones you see here? Call 800-691-3545 for a special price quote.

Processing & Shipping Options

How long will it take to print & ship my order? Standard Processing
Expedited Processing
Prints Only
Print & Ship Time
2-3 Business Days
An order placed now will ship Wednesday (7/6), at the latest.
1 Business Day
Order now with expedited processing to get your order shipped tomorrow (or sooner).
Canvas, Framing & Mounting
Print & Ship Time
5 Business Days
An order placed now will ship Friday (7/8), at the latest.
2-3 Business Days
Order now with expedited processing to get your order shipped Wednesday (7/6) (or sooner).
Acrylic Mounted Prints
Print & Ship Time
7 Business Days
An order placed now will ship Tuesday (7/12), at the latest.
Not Available
Cost FREE 10% Surcharge
($5 min.)
Learn more about processing options, guarantees and exceptions.
Shipping Options:
  • • First Class Mail (5-7 day delivery). $3 for small orders.
  • • Flat Rate Ground Tube (5-7 day delivery). $6 - $9 for most orders.
  • • Priority Mail (2-4 day delivery). $7 - $15 for most orders.
  • • Express Mail (overnight to most locations). $22 - $32 for most orders.
  • • Customer Pickup (Tempe, AZ).
More options & rates

Will My Image Work?

16" x 20" 1600+ x 2000+ pixels 2400+ x 3000+ pixels 3200+ x 4000+ pixels
18" x 24" 1800+ x 2400+ pixels 2700+ x 3600+ pixels 3600+ x 4800+ pixels
20" x 24" 2000+ x 2400+ pixels 3000+ x 3600+ pixels 4000+ x 4800+ pixels
20" x 30" 2000+ x 3000+ pixels 3000+ x 4500+ pixels 4000+ x 6000+ pixels
22" x 28" 2200+ x 2800+ pixels 3300+ x 4200+ pixels 4400+ x 5600+ pixels
24" x 32" 2400+ x 3200+ pixels 3600+ x 4800+ pixels 4800+ x 6400+ pixels
24" x 36" 2400+ x 3600+ pixels 3600+ x 5400+ pixels 4800+ x 7200+ pixels
30" x 40" 3000+ x 4000+ pixels 4500+ x 6000+ pixels 6000+ x 8000+ pixels
30" x 45" 3000+ x 4500+ pixels 4500+ x 6750+ pixels 6000+ x 9000+ pixels
32" x 40" 3200+ x 4000+ pixels 4800+ x 6000+ pixels 6400+ x 8000+ pixels
36" x 48" 3600+ x 4800+ pixels 5400+ x 7200+ pixels 7200+ x 9600+ pixels
36" x 54" 3600+ x 5400+ pixels 5400+ x 8100+ pixels 7200+ x 10800+ pixels
Files we accept:
  • • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
  • • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • • Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
  • • Bitmap (.bmp)
  • • Encapusulated Postscript (.eps)
  • • GIF (.gif)
  • • JPEG (.jpg)
  • • PNG (.png)
  • • TIFF (.tif)
Preparing files for print

Preparing Your Files for Print

Most modern digital cameras (10 megapixels Or better) create JPG Files that are high enough resolution To print up To 24" x 36" (Or even bigger) With acceptable quality.

If you have a digital camera image, and you are satisfied with it, then you are ready to proceed and upload it for printing.

  • • We ALWAYS print borderless (except on Economy Poster Paper). If you want a border, you MUST put it in your image.
  • • Prints may be slightly cropped by up to 1/8" on one or more edges of your image due to borderless printing requirements. Do not put text or other key features within 1/8" of your image edge.
  • • Margins or crop marks in your file WILL be in your print.
  • • Don't leave transparencies where you want white background - fill them with white. Our image processor sees transparency on the edges of a PDF file as margin to crop out, and can reduce the printed area of your image as a result.
  • • DO choose to "embed fonts" when you save out your print ready file - otherwise we may not have the font you used, and our system will replace it with a generic font that you probably won't like.
Make all color adjustments before uploading your file. We do NOT adjust color - we assume you have the color the way you want it in your image. We also do not reprint on color alone.
- "Timely service and professionally finished product! Love the option for custom size and we are very happy with the results! I ordered a large black and white photo print with a double mat and frame and it all turned out well!" by Joni on 6/13/2020
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